Supported Rifle – 23/09/17

Thanks to the usual suspects for setting up. 

On reflection, the course was a little easier this month. 

For info the FT scores are out of 25 not 60 as it is scored as hit or miss only. 

6 people hit the Golden Bird but it was awarded to Gilbert as he did it with open sights!


Rex Bennett481st
Andy Yates342nd
Luke Mullinger293rd
Gilbert Discher24

FT Extreme

Mal Gwynne171st
Mike Isaac142nd
Mark Tearne103rd
Alison Mansfield10
Dave Mansfield8


Martin Slane501st
Jeff Westley482nd
James Wingfield473rd
Ralph Currie45
Dave George44
Bob Truett43
Paul Wingfield40
Paul Burt40
Earl Lange39
Glen Packard39
Mike Salmon39
Dave Allibone38
Dez Morris33
John Slade29
John WheelerDNF