Lea Valley Airgun Club – COVID 19 Rules and Controls

  1. Shooting MUST be pre-booked. There will not be the ability to just turn up and shoot. We have to ensure we match the number of members on site at any time to the number of shooting stations. To facilitate this, the following controls on numbers will be in place.
    • We require you to pre-book. Bookings will be taken for a rolling three weeks ahead.
    • This will be on a first come first served basis and we ask that you advise us your preference for morning or afternoon. When you book you are agreeing to abide by these rules. If the spaces available for the morning are fully booked you will be told that there is only space available in the afternoon. The number of spaces in the afternoon is more limited to ensure that members can stay all day if they wish. This will allow us to control the numbers on site. You can do this by contacting Memberships at membership@leavalleyairgun.com. Unfortunately you cannot just turn up. If you do, you will be turned away.
    • The morning session will start at 09:00. We require you to be on site at 8.30 and assist with the setup of the arenas. The afternoon session will start at 12:30 and we will close all ranges at the latest by 15:00. We also require you to assist in the close down of the arenas. We will have a Safety and Hygiene Team in place (SHT). These will be mostly the Management Team and Section Heads and all have been selected for a reason. They will have additional responsibilities for the control of the shooting areas and for controlling and guiding the setting up and close down and therefore we will afford them more flexibility to get some shooting in. Please do not request to be part of the SHT. If we need you, we will ask you.
  1. Shooting will take place in designated areas and shooting stations. The stations for the most part will have a single table and a stool. You are free to bring your own. There will be space for you to move the table out of the way and for you to shoot prone, standing, kneeling or sitting FT style. The shooting stations will be indicated by white posts and these posts MUST NOT be used as support as would be used for HFT. You will be able to use your own bean bag, tripod or bipod or mobile post if you wish. There will be no fixed posts to lean on.
  2. We will be using the IPAS and Pistol ranges. Range 1, the Plink and the Woods for rifles. We will not be using the Zero range. This will be closed for shotgun use only.
  3. We will have a single station set up for zeroing and time in this area will be monitored and time limited to ensure people can use it.
  4. Social distancing (as per government requirements) MUST be maintained at all times. The shooting stations will be at least 2m apart. There will be barrier tapes in place to maintain distancing at the shooting stations. Do not cross these tapes or posts. We will have in place Hygiene stations and we will provide an anti-viral spray and disposable paper towels and ALL shooters using or touching tables and stools MUST sanitise the shooting station before and after shooting.
  5. There will be a line or marker past behind the shooting station and you must not pass this if the station is occupied.
  6. Guns and equipment cannot be shared.
  7. The top section of the woods will be in use. The shooting stations will be indicated by white posts and these posts MUST NOT be used as support as would be used for HFT. The stations in this area will not have tables and stools. Members wishing to use the Woods Area will need their own hook on a stick or hook attached to their mobile post. The hook will be used to attach to the string holder. There will be some available for you to purchase.
  8. There will be no food or drink consumed in any of the shooting areas. You will be able to bring your own but it can only be consumed in your vehicle or in the designated social area. You are free to use this at any time and bring your own stools, chairs and small tables. Social distancing controls must be maintained in line with government requirements.
  9. The clubhouse will not be in use nor will the covered area by the clubhouse. The compound / covered area will be in use for booking in and people will not be allowed into the compound except for emergencies. The only exception to this will be Management Team or SHT.
  10. Once parked proceed to booking in and pay the normal £5 fee and you will be ticked on a list. If you are not on the list, you simply will not be able to shoot and must go home and contact us after to make future arrangements.
  11. You will be able to move around the site to change stations but you MUST maintain social distancing at all times.
  12. Please be aware that we have never had to do anything like this before and this is already version 3 of the rules and therefore we may need to revise these rules still further as we go and they are therefore subject to change without notification. We may also need to amend the rules in line with government guidelines or requirements to strengthen as well as relax rules as we are able. The rules are not open for discussion.
  13. You MUST obey the rules and the instructions of the SHT. They are there to ensure we are able to enjoy our sport in these difficult times. Failure to do so may jeopardise this for others and therefore any breach WILL NOT be tolerated. You will be asked to leave the site immediately.  You will then need to contact the Secretary to review your actions before you will be allowed to visit the site again.