Lea Valley Air Gun Club

Vintage 6yd Bell Target Competition Rules

Booking In – On the range pm, you must book in to take part, score cards will be shuffled, and a shooting order given out.

Entry fee – £1.00

Safety – All rifles to be pointed over the Firing Line when loading /shooting. Safety glasses recommended.


  • Section 1 – Pre 1939 Open sights (No dioptre’s). Spring operated recoiling air rifles, 0.177” calibre.
  • Section 2 If time permits – Any Spring-operated sub 6ft/pd iron sighted air rifle including semi recoiling 0.177” calibre.

Pellets- Round head Diablo’s only.

Depending on numbers the competition maybe squadded and/or timed.

Shooting position- Unsupported standing. Feet must be fully behind the Shooting Line when taking the shot.

Target- Distance 6yds. From Shooting Line. Bell ring diameter .375” (9.52mm). Target to be re-painted for each shooter.

Number of shots- 1 shot sighter if requested, target re-painted then 5 shots at target. Times 3 rounds

Scoring- BELL RING=10, Outward Scoring 9,8,7,6,5. i.e. If pellet centre mark breaks the Score Ring, the lower score counts. If more than 5 shots are on target then highest score is forfeited.

Awards- £6 split 3-2-1 to 1st, 2nd, 3rd. In each section in the event of a draw a single shot shoot-off on the Bell target, highest scorer wins.

DJM/ANJM. Issue 8 – 13/05/2024.