Lea Valley Air Gun Club

Pistol Competition Rules

1st Saturday of every month.


  • Sign in from 9:00
  • Briefing 09:45
  • Start 10:00
  • Results/Awards- After all competitors have finished including any Shoot-offs

Please return score cards to Competition Secretary promptly.

Entry– Free to all members and visitors. (Visitors must pay grounds guest fees)

Open to any calibre sub 6ft/lb pistol, TAC users should have FAC available for inspection.


  • Iron sights
  • Red-Dot sights
  • Optical sights
    • Optical magnification not to exceed 4x.
    • Battery devices may be turned off between firing points.

No adjustment of sights after first shot has been taken.


  • Protective eye wear should be worn.
  • Only competitor and scorer at the firing point, Others to stand back in a place of safety.
  • Competitor to operate pull-up string.
  • Pistols to be carried in a box, bag or holster and only removed when at the firing line.
  • Loading of pistols and insertion of magazines only to be carried out at the firing line.
  • Recharging of co2 pistols to be done at the firing line.
  • All discharges to be carried out over the firing line.

Shooting position

  • All shots to be taken in the standing position.
  • No supports of any kind to be used.
  • Some part of the body must be in contact with the firing peg whilst taking the shot.
  • Double handed and cross arm hold is permitted.

Course of fire-

  • Fifteen targets
  • Target are set between 10 and 25 yards (Approx.), Consisting of 40/45mm diameter knock over targets, there may be alternative targets of smaller diameter scoring higher which the competitor may elect to shoot. also yellow targets that can only score if knocked down.
  • Targets to be painted before competition starts and of contrasting colour.
  • Targets can be obscured 50% maximum.
  • Three shots at each target.


  • 5 points for a knockdown
  • 2 points for a hit on the plate
    • see above “Alterative Targets” (Triple Scoring 5, 10 or 15 points 0 for a hit on the yellow)
    • Double diamond 5 or 10 points 0 for a hit on the yellow
  • 0 points for miss

All competitors are eligible for entry into the clubs six monthly league.

  • Top four scores based on highest members score of the day in each section.
  • Minimum of four shoots to qualify.


  • January-June
  • July-December

Rev DJM/ANJM 05 ( 13/05/2024).