Lea Valley Air Gun Club

FT – Six Monthly League Competition Rules

4th Saturday of every month

Entry :

Open to all FT shooters.

Times :

  • Briefing: 09:45
  • Start time- 10.00

Course of fire :

Targets as set for FT, scored as an X for a knockdown and 0 for a miss, Number of lanes (targets)  determined by course setter.

Mix of 40, 25 and 15mm distances to FT calculations.

Field target rules to apply.
i.e. unsupported off elbows or sitting on a cushion, sticks permitted. At the moment – No positional’s.

Rifles must conform to legal requirements, Nothing can be added or taken off once comp has started.

Full adjustments of scope and rifle allowed noting above!
No classification i.e. Piston or PCP.
Bean bags can be up to 6” deep when pressed between two boards.


League is based on percentage of the top score of the day, must shoot minimum of four rounds to enter for the trophy which will be held for six months.


  • January – June
  • July – December

DJM/ANJM – MAY 2024.