Re-Opening – Members Only

After many weeks of lock-down and no shooting we are sure you are going to be pleased to read that we have a date for re-opening. The date for your diaries is the 6th June 2020. Of course this is going to be subject to the government guidance and restrictions. The reasons for the date being a few weeks away are twofold.

Firstly, the announcement made by the Prime Minister on the 10th May stated that the lifting of some restrictions was subject to conformance with the revised requirements and progress in the control of the virus. We are therefore guarded against opening too soon and then having to shut again if there is a negative shift.

Secondly, we need time to set up the ground for your return.

However, as you should expect, with the global crisis far from over, we are going to be a very different shape for the foreseeable future.  We recognise that some of the controls will greatly restrict the social nature of many members use of the club.  Please respect that we have spent a long time discussing how we might be able to return at all and we simply cannot facilitate all of the freedoms we once could.

Personal Health –  Obviously anyone who is unwell with cold or flu-like symptoms, (such as a high temperature, continuous cough, breathing difficulties), should not attend and stay at home until they’ve completed the recommended period of self-isolation and recovered fully.

Those who are considered in a high-risk group should not attend.

Those who have recently been in close contact with someone with coronavirus or visited a high-risk area should stay at home until they’ve completed the recommended period of self-isolation.

Shooting will be for members only and will remain Saturdays only. There will be a strict set of rules and controls in addition to our normal gun safety rules. These rules will be enforced.

We are pleased to be able to welcome our members back to the club and to get back to the sport we all love and with everyone’s help and cooperation we are sure we can all enjoy our shooting safely.

Lea Valley Airgun Club – COVID19: Rules and Controls

Lea Valley Airgun Club : Committee

24th May 2020


Lea Valley Airgun Club is considered by many to be the UK’s premier airgun shooting club and with a membership of around 180 it is certainly one of the most popular. First and foremost, Lea Valley is a fun place to shoot, whether it’s airgun target or clay target and a great place to meet like-minded people.

Some of our members travel considerable distances to attend on Saturdays and enjoy the club’s great facilities that we share with Lea Valley Shooting Association (LVSA). We are very fortunate in having several specially constructed ranges available which means that we are able to cater for a wide range of airgun shooting disciplines. Please see the Club Diary for information on the competitions we run each week and the News page for any week to week variations.

We share our grounds with LVSA so you will also hear and see people clay target shooting. Some of our members are also members of LVSA and are always happy talk to you with regards to clay shooting. For further information, you can always ask Alex if he is in his office at the side of the clubhouse or visit the LVSA website.

Club House

Our heated clubhouse has seating for in excess of 60 people, and also has flushing ladies and gents toilets. A range of reasonably priced hot food is freshly prepared until 1:00 pm and sometimes later. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate are also available throughout the day, see the menu for prices.

It’s a great place to sit & chat, read the notice board, a magazine or just have a quick warm-up during the winter months.

Opening Times

The club operates throughout the year and is open only on Saturdays:

Summer months

from 9:00am to 4:00pm with the ranges closing at 3:30pm.

Winter months

we close earlier at 3:00pm with the ranges closing at 2:45.

Run by the members

As we are a club run by members and no one is paid to manage the club, please help to put the targets away at the end of the day. Your help is always needed and much appreciated. This applies to members and visitors alike.